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CPO Messenger Submission Process

The Curtis CPO Messenger will be moving soon to a Tues publication date.  The submission deadline is now Sunday at 6 PM.  


To submit a notice to Curtis Messenger, please email your notice to

The deadline is 6pm Sunday for the Tuesday messenger. This gives us time to prepare the notices and update the CPO website.


Summary of the Submission Process

To submit to the Curtis Messenger, simply send an email to  Information submitted to this email will be included in the weekly Curtis CPO email to parents and posted on the Curtis CPO website.

Your email should contain the following:

  1. To:
  2. Subject: Your Headline - the subject of the email should be the headline (i.e. Something like Tickets to ECMS Musical go on sale at lunch, May 6). If your event has a date, please include it in the headline so we don't have to go hunting for it.
  3. Attachment: YOU DO NOT NEED AN ATTACHMENT. Feel free to just send text for a posting. But if you have a flier you'd like us to link to, please attach a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format document.
  4. In the Body of your Email please include:
    • Your Name
    • The Organization You Represent
    • A Contact e-mail- to reach you if there is a question about your posting
    • Headline - please specify the headline you'd like for your submission.
    • Content of your posting
    • Posting start and end dates if not obvious.  Otherwise postings go on the website within 48 hours and stay on the website for 2 weeks.  

Note that postings are subject to district regulations and our CPO policies.  These policies include:

  • No Identifiable Information of Children - Neither photographs nor the names of children will be posted on the CPO Website.
  • No "Objectionable Material" - The definition of objectionable material is at the sole discretion of the CPO and the district administration.
  • Nothing overtly commercial